Mantra or “Sound Therapy”
A language of healing vibration, mantra is internal or external chanting of Sanskrit verses.  Sanskrit is the oldest language known, originated in the Indus Valley.  It clears out any negative energy in the mind and atmosphere.

Agnihotra Fire Ceremonies
Honors the sunset and sunrise by offering rice and ghee into a copper pyramid of burning cow dung.  It aligns and harmonizes the body’s rhythm to the circadian rhythm, bringing the body, mind and spirit to connect with nature.  The ash is used medicinally for sores, cuts, disturbed digestion, fear, anxiety, etc.  More info here: http://www.homahealth.com/content/agnihotra-ash-medicines-home-remedies

Agnihotra clears out any negative impurities such as static, allergies, fear, anxiety, in the atmosphere and mind.


108 Sun Salutations
Yogic tradition of doing 108 sun salutations to honor the sun and teachers who brought forth the teachings.