Marma Point Therapy
$120, 60 min
Translated from Sanskrit as “secrete, hidden, or mystical,” there are over 72,000 Marma points located in the body. They are energy points that keep the body and nervous system functioning. Each marma point relates to specific organs or tissues within the body.

Marmas are stimulated by pressure applied with the thumb or index finger to remove any accumulated blocked energy. It restores energy channels to a free flowing working order. Pressure amount varies according to the doshic needs of the recipient- gentle for vatas, moderate for pittas, and deep for kaphas.

Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Bodywork
$170, 90 min
$140, 60 min
A dynamic method of bodywork rooted from martial arts originating in India.  Jivaka Kumarbhaccha, an Ayurvedic doctor to the Buddha some 2,500 years ago is known to be the father of this therapy. 

A 90 min session includes 5-15 min health assessment, 5-15 min of yoga posture recommendations and 60 min bodywork.  It is performed on a mat on the floor, both client and practitioner are dressed in comfortable clothing allowing ease of movement and flexibility.

It is customized to your dosha body (physical, mental, emotional) by determining your Ayurvedic Constitution at that point in time.  It addresses doshic balance through pressure, pace, postures, and emphasizes vayus or pranic winds.  The practitioner guides the client through a series of yoga postures, palms and thumbs along the body’s energy (‘Sen’) lines and pressure points.  Together, these actions result in a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically.

Shakti Twist, promotes digestion, increases circulation, decreases kapha and increases vata and pitta.

Private Yoga Asana Flow 
$40, 60 min 
1 hour of Asana instruction based off the practices of Raja Yoga which includes Ashtanga, the 8 limbs, Jana, Bhakti, and Karma.  It includes energy management tools and meditation. Focus is on direct experience by emphasizing ujjayi breathing, alignment, and drishti (gaze).  Postures work to connect the individual to Parusha (the Cosmic Self) through the breath.  Sequences are designed for longevity, doshic balance, and long-term stability and growth.

Ustrasana Prep, Camel Pose, strengthens & lengthens front spine, lengthens quads, increases pitta and vata, decreases kapha.

Namaste Cooking
Learn how to make wholesome balancing meals with fresh organic ingredients utilizing spices, oils and herbs to improve digestion, promote creativity and clarity!

Madagascar Red Rice with Jacob Cattle Beans, carrots, cauliflower with greens and chapati


Monthly Wellness Packages
Provides self-care tools and practices that lead to a self-responsible approach to health and living. Each bodywork session includes 15 min of health assessment consultation, 5-10 min of yoga postures, nutrition and lifestyle suggestions, and 60 min bodywork.

4-Session Wellness Package, $480/mo 
any combination of…
Private Yoga Asana instruction, 1 hr each
Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Bodywork, 90 min each
1 Hour of cooking demo or instruction

2-Session Wellness Package, $260/mo
any combination of…
90 min Ayurvedic Yoga Bodywork w/ Consultation
1 Hour of cooking demo or instruction


Yoga Retreat Package
as Chef & Bodyworker or Workshop Facilitator
Have services offered for Yoga Teacher Training!  This may include Ayurvedic Yoga bodywork, Marma Point Therapy, assisting, chef work, and lecture course on Intro to Ayurveda for Balance and Longevity.
**Prices Vary


Upon Arrival for All Sessions…
Be timely, clean, and refrain from using synthetic perfumes and oils
Do not eat an hour prior to sessions
Bring a pair of lose comfortable clothing (no jeans)
Avoid cellphone and electronic usage 1 hour after session
Take care by keep head protected from sun exposure, hydrating and resting
Keep a healthy and loving attitude toward yourself

Made in advance or upon arrival
Cash, checks, money order, or Paypal

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation and/or rescheduling must be made 24-48 hours prior to your appointment. Please call at (646)-581-2181 during business hours (8:30 am – 5 pm) to cancel or reschedule appointment.